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Before you place or respond to a classified ad you certify that you have read our Disclaimer Page. You will want to make sure your ad qualifies for publication on our site, and if responding to an ad you will want to make certain you exercise good judgement when dealing with strangers and that under no circumstance whatsoever - under no condition - do you wire, Western Union or bank wire money to anyone for any purchase. Additional information as to why is detailed on the Disclaimer Page. If you purchase goods or services for which you are not satisfied, or have other problems you will have to pursue resolution with the other party or through other channels. will not get involved in any way in disputes concerning purchases made, quality of goods, lateness of shipping by seller, unavailability of seller during and after purchase, incorrect, wrong or unexpected merchandise or service against what was advertised. It is up to the buyer of any goods or service to make sure they are getting what they paid for, and one of the most reliable ways to do this is using an escrow service, such as holds the money received from the buyer until the buyer has inspected the merchandise and says it is okay to pay the seller. advocates a Buyer Beware policy, which means it is completely up to the buyer to make sure all conditions you desire or that were advertised, are met to your satisfaction before you pay for an item or service.

If you receive items or services that you discover are stolen or illegal, you should contact your local law enforcement immediately. will not become involved in legal disputes between or among parties in classified ads. However, we will as required by law report offenses when they come to our attention and it is not through hearsay or the word of another party who is not law enforcement. In rare cases if we discover ads are being placed in bad faith, by criminals, by theft rings in the United States or any other country, we could report such activity to the appropriate authorities in that country, along with email, email headers and any other information we might obtain in regard to the illegal activity. does not refund ads. We reserve the right to refuse ads and to edit ads for clarity, brevity or grammar.

Note: is not associated with nor condoned by the city of Atlanta,Georgia.

This is where you pay the one dollar for your ad, using PayPal or a credit card via PayPal's secure payment interface. You will be making a payment to "", a domain owned by Upon payment you will automatically be delivered to another page on our web site with instructions to place your ad.

Select this Paypal link to pay for your ad using a Paypal account or a major credit card.

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How to place a classified ad with

Follow one of the major category links to the appropriate sub-category for your ad,pay for your ad using Paypal or credit card, then email your ad and it will be published within 24 hours.

How to respond to a classified ad on Call or email the contact info in the ad but exercise caution when dealing with people you do not know. Never use Western Union to wire money to a party you do not know. ( read our full disclosure about responding to classified ads).

Very Important: Make sure you read the Disclaimer before you respond to any classified ad on our site.

How to cancel a classified ad placed on  Email us and your ad should be removed within 24 hours.

Right of refusal: reserves the right to reject ads, and does not accept adult type ads, ads that use profanity, personal dating type ads, or classified ads regarding firearms,drugs, schemes ( such as get rich) and any other ads that do not come under one of the main categories and sub-categories of primary interest to residents of the Atlanta, Georgia metropolitan area.

If you've read our Disclaimer and understand our terms, go here to pay for your classified ad. is not associated with nor condoned by the city of Atlanta, Georgia.


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