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. . . - Welcome to the Beta opening of, Atlanta's Online Newspaper of Classified Ads for One Dollar

Motor Vehicles Employment Real Estate Merchandise Pets Online Newspaper of Classified Ads (Beta)  Looking at Mobile,Alabama?  Visit our classified ad network Disclaimer Statement publishes classified ads and cannot be responsible for problems arising between parties placing or responding to ads on our site. We strongly urge everyone to exercise caution when dealing with people, companies and organization with whom you are not familiar. is not associated with nor endorsed by the city of Atlanta, Georgia.

We very strongly urge that you under no circumstance whatsoever wire money to anyone or company using Western Union or any similar method including bank wire.

The reason we place the above statement in bold, large red is because there are well-known theft rings who have been featured on programs such as "60 Minutes" and "Date Line" who have taken advantage of thousands of people who use popular auction web sites. These people are very good at what they do and can fool even the most skeptical of individuals. Their number one goal is to convince you to wire them money in exchange for some service or product. Many of these rings operate abroad in Africa and Asia, but they are experts at appearing to be corresponding from the United States, and may email you sob stories about something that has happened to them, or some problem or reason why they must receive the money by Western Union or bank wire. Almost always these people will be offering an item for sale that sounds "too good to be true."  By doing so they create a sense of urgency for you to pay. often they will not even ask you to wire the money - they are so good they create an environment in which YOU THINK OF WIRING THE MONEY so you can get this "too good to be true" deal before someone else.

Because we have provided this very detailed warning - disclaimer - which is prominently linked on our main page and even detailed on our main page -  we are relieved of any and all responsibility of your actions leading to any problem of money, product or service - anything you lose in a scheme or theft or otherwise. You should report possible theft or theft, to your local law enforcement.


If you make it an absolute, under NO CIRCUMSTANCE rule to never wire money to pay for a product or service - this means using Western Union or a bank account - then you can never fall prey to having your money stolen from you under this widely publicized scheme.

If you are going to sell or buy a product from someone you do not know well, and it requires shipping the product or service, then we recommend you use a service called

Using the money is FIRST paid to and only after the product or service has been shipped by the seller and received by the buyer, will the money be paid to the seller. will never email or call and ask for your personal information except within 24 hours of receipt of your request to place a classified ad. In that case you will be emailed a payment link via PayPal, or you will select a link on our web site to pay via Paypal ( using PayPal account or your own credit card.) If you are unsure whether the mail is from us, email us first, or forward the email you have received, to us.

If you receive items or services that you discover are stolen or illegal, you should contact your local law enforcement immediately. will not become involved in legal disputes between or among parties in classified ads. However, we will as required by law report offenses when they come to our attention and it is not through hearsay or the word of another party who is not law enforcement. In rare cases if we discover ads are being placed in bad faith, by criminals, by theft rings in the United States or any other country, we could report such activity to the appropriate authorities in that country, along with email, email headers and any other information we might obtain in regard to the illegal activity.



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How to place a classified ad with

Follow one of the major category links to the appropriate sub-category for your ad,pay for your ad using Paypal or credit card, then email your ad and it will be published within 24 hours.

How to respond to a classified ad on Call or email the contact info in the ad but exercise caution when dealing with people you do not know. Never use Western Union to wire money to a party you do not know. ( read our full disclosure about responding to classified ads).

Very Important: Make sure you read the Disclaimer before you respond to any classified ad on our site.

How to cancel a classified ad placed on  Email us and your ad should be removed within 24 hours.

Right of refusal: reserves the right to reject ads, and does not accept adult type ads, ads that use profanity, personal dating type ads, or classified ads regarding firearms,drugs, schemes ( such as get rich) and any other ads that do not come under one of the main categories and sub-categories of primary interest to residents of the Atlanta, Georgia metropolitan area.

If you've read our Disclaimer and understand our terms, go here to pay for your classified ad.


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