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Garbage Pick-up

Household garbage pickup is divided into two schedules: Monday and Tuesday pickups and Wednesday or Thursday pickups. Your neighbors can tell you which day is designated for your neighborhood.  Yard trimmings are picked up twice a month. If your household garbage is picked up on either Monday or Tuesday, your yard trimmings will be picked up during the first and third week of each month. If your household garbage is collected on either Wednesday or Thursday, your yard trimmings will be collected on the second and fourth week of each month. For more specific information on days and times, and other questions regarding this matter, call: (404) 330-6254. 

To receive a garbage container, known as Herbie Curbie, please provide proof of  home ownership or  a statement showing you are renting or leasing the property.  The City of Atlanta offices are located at 55 Trinity Avenue. The fax number is (404) 658-7552

To receive a recycling container, call (404) 792-1212

To discuss your bill: (404) 298-4000

To contact the group known as the Trash Troopers, a team who specialize in clearing  vacant lots and illegal dumping sites, call (404) 330-6333

Backyard collection ( meaning you do not have to bring trash to curbside, is available at a yearly fee of $962.21 per year. If you are 70 years of age or older and live alone or have no one to help you  there is no fee for backyard trash collection. If you have a certified physical or mental  disability and have legal documents to prove it you may qualify for backyard trash collection at no additional fee. Call (404) 330-6333.



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